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The signal was shown in 2012. When HP had became a Platinum member of the Linux Foundation, the organization responsible for Linux and other open-source software projects. A Platinum membership costs $500,000 a year and brings with it a seat on the board of directors and a say in which kinds of projects the group […]

Microsoft might be in danger by HP’s future endeavors

betty like siri
In order to get users to use terminal interactively using natural language, one of community is developing Betty, something like Siri for the Linux console. Linux and the terminal are two words that are instinctively associated when talking about operating systems. Although the distributions have come a very long way to make it all easy for the […]

Betty : Siri for Linux terminal (command line)

Its no secret that HP has been struggling off-late. The company has consistently failed to come up with any outstanding products in the last few years and even its primary PC business is not doing particularly well. Today, in an effort to capture a still nascent market, the company has unveiled a new 14-inch SlateBook running […]

HP brings Android to laptops with SlateBook PC

It seems like yesterday, but more than a year was officially launched Steam for Linux . Specifically, the open beta arrived in December 2012, the final two months later, in February 2013 and with 50 games under his belt. Since then the title has been dripping incessantly until reaching the current figure of 500 games for Linux . That’s right: 500 […]

Five hundred games for Linux

IOS8 new feature
Apple’s newest version of its iPhone/iPad software, iOS 8, is packed with features to make business users and enterprise IT pros love it. Device-enrollment program When enterprises buy a bunch of iPhones or iPads from Apple, these phones can be set up automatically with corporate apps, security policies, and so on. Previously, an IT professional would have […]

iOS 8 bringing bunch of new features for its users

Battery Problems  Low battery life has been one of the biggest problems plauging iOS 7.1 on the iPhone. To improve the draining battery life — go to “Settings,” “General” and “Reset.” Select “Reset All Settings” and see if you notice a difference in battery life. Volume Malfunctions Can’t hear a song or an important phone call? You’re […]

how to fix IOS 7.1’s most common issues

1 – Oscar Mayer’s Wake Up & Smell the Bacon This is real: an attachment connects to your phone and then sprays out bacon scents when an alarm goes off. Wake up with the best smells: Every. Single. Day.   2 – Shuttr Wireless Camera Remote Finally, an easy way to snap those selfies. No more circus-like […]

Fifteen Amazing iPhone Accessories

1 – LG Lifeband Touch Another performance wristband, but this one actually delivers. The LG Lifeband features a touch-screen and live updates as you exercise. It has an automatic smartphone connection, but it is not needed for the instant results. 2 – Pebble Steel Smartwatch A sleek design almost hides the digital screen that lies before you. […]

Awesome New Tech Products to Buy in 2014

Airlines increasingly warming to tablets as an alternative to the traditional seat-mounted screens. After an update to its iOS app today, United Airlines allows users to watch in-flight entertainment from an iPhone or iPad, a feature it first promised in February. While there aren’t many new details, a previous press release promised around 150 movies […]

United Airlines iOS update lets passengers watch TV and movies ...