WD : we believe this brand no need any intro/background in our post at least for Pakistan’s peoples(technology geeks). Backblaze is  a company that provides solutions for backup on cloud(cloud-based). the company has studied about failure of its data center’s hard drives since the past year and claims WD brand fails more than the rest. The result […]

Western Digital: Pakistan’s most selling hard drive is most failure ...

your data is free for windows 1
Microsoft Windows 10 uploads a lot of your information to their servers sometimes without asking you to opt-in. Follow  the guide below to retain/restore your privacy. During Installation 1. Use Customize Settings instead of Express and do ensure to switch off EVERYTHING in settings as shown below. 1. Head to Settings > Privacy, and disable everything, […]

Microsoft Windows 10: Restore your privacy (tutorial)

Microsoft has just launched Skype web version which is still in beta phase.however, Skype is one of the most recognizable communication services in the world. Linux users can of course use the native Skype program for the full experience, but having some functionality on the web is appreciated too. If you only want to use instant […]

Microsoft Skype for web can be run on Chromebook and ...

Ubuntu Phone:   We Believe that it will open another door for smart peoples who gave their massive contribution in the era of free and open source environment(yes we are talking about Linux).   we wish that it will make the history again similarly android did in past 🙂 What do you think?  

Smart-Devices: here comes the new trend setter in the smart ...

Google Tips
Below mentioned some important URLs of Google services, which every user should must know. Google URLs Every User Must Know 1. Create a Google Account Without a Gmail Address Google has created a lot of useful services. Almost all services of Google requires a specific account, named as “Google Account”. Before some time you sign […]

Ten usful google URLs every user should know about

Pydio Dashboard 1
                Pydio, formerly know as AjaXplorer is an open source software that provides space on a server on the Internet. Access is via a browser or mobile device to sync client for desktop systems are working. Moreover, Pydio is the mature open-source file sharing platform for the enterprise, software […]

Pydio (Ajaxplorer) 6 cloud file sharing server is out

This is the most magical park on earth. Just wait. This will actually blow your mind.  This park is located in Austria and it changes dramatically as the seasons do. In the winter, the park mostly consists of grasslands and a small lake that is only 3 to 6 feet deep. But, when spring comes, […]

Amazing Park