your data is free for windows 1
Microsoft Windows 10 uploads a lot of your information to their servers sometimes without asking you to opt-in. Follow  the guide below to retain/restore your privacy. During Installation 1. Use Customize Settings instead of Express and do ensure to switch off EVERYTHING in settings as shown below. 1. Head to Settings > Privacy, and disable everything, […]

Microsoft Windows 10: Restore your privacy (tutorial)

betty like siri
In order to get users to use terminal interactively using natural language, one of community is developing Betty, something like Siri for the Linux console. Linux and the terminal are two words that are instinctively associated when talking about operating systems. Although the distributions have come a very long way to make it all easy for the […]

Betty : Siri for Linux terminal (command line)

Battery Problems  Low battery life has been one of the biggest problems plauging iOS 7.1 on the iPhone. To improve the draining battery life — go to “Settings,” “General” and “Reset.” Select “Reset All Settings” and see if you notice a difference in battery life. Volume Malfunctions Can’t hear a song or an important phone call? You’re […]

how to fix IOS 7.1’s most common issues

(A) File Handling • mkdir – make directories Usage: mkdir [OPTION] DIRECTORY… eg. mkdir improgrammer • ls – list directory contents Usage: ls [OPTION]… [FILE]… eg. ls, ls l, ls improgrammer • cd – changes directories Usage: cd [DIRECTORY] eg. cd improgrammer • pwd print name of current working directory Usage: pwd • vim – Vi Improved, a programmers text […]

Linux Basic Commands

How to avoid annoying people chat on Facebook? In past you can read Facebook messages and just by not replying and feigning not having seen the message, no one know if you read the message or not.  But now Facebook has implemented the read receipt feature on Facebook chats, the excuse doesn’t work anymore because if you seen a message […]

How to Read a Facebook Chat Message and Stay Undetected