WD : we believe this brand no need any intro/background in our post at least for Pakistan’s peoples(technology geeks). Backblaze is  a company that provides solutions for backup on cloud(cloud-based). the company has studied about failure of its data center’s hard drives since the past year and claims WD brand fails more than the rest. The result […]

Western Digital: Pakistan’s most selling hard drive is most failure ...

Microsoft has just launched Skype web version which is still in beta phase.however, Skype is one of the most recognizable communication services in the world. Linux users can of course use the native Skype program for the full experience, but having some functionality on the web is appreciated too. If you only want to use instant […]

Microsoft Skype for web can be run on Chromebook and ...

betty like siri
In order to get users to use terminal interactively using natural language, one of community is developing Betty, something like Siri for the Linux console. Linux and the terminal are two words that are instinctively associated when talking about operating systems. Although the distributions have come a very long way to make it all easy for the […]

Betty : Siri for Linux terminal (command line)

It seems like yesterday, but more than a year was officially launched Steam for Linux . Specifically, the open beta arrived in December 2012, the final two months later, in February 2013 and with 50 games under his belt. Since then the title has been dripping incessantly until reaching the current figure of 500 games for Linux . That’s right: 500 […]

Five hundred games for Linux

IOS8 new feature
Apple’s newest version of its iPhone/iPad software, iOS 8, is packed with features to make business users and enterprise IT pros love it. Device-enrollment program When enterprises buy a bunch of iPhones or iPads from Apple, these phones can be set up automatically with corporate apps, security policies, and so on. Previously, an IT professional would have […]

iOS 8 bringing bunch of new features for its users