betty like siri
In order to get users to use terminal interactively using natural language, one of community is developing Betty, something like Siri for the Linux console. Linux and the terminal are two words that are instinctively associated when talking about operating systems. Although the distributions have come a very long way to make it all easy for the […]

Betty : Siri for Linux terminal (command line)

It seems like yesterday, but more than a year was officially launched Steam for Linux . Specifically, the open beta arrived in December 2012, the final two months later, in February 2013 and with 50 games under his belt. Since then the title has been dripping incessantly until reaching the current figure of 500 games for Linux . That’s right: 500 […]

Five hundred games for Linux

  Today Linux is present in a myriad of devices around us, from smartphones to game consoles, but is even closer than we think. So do not use any of these devices, by simply opening a web page we are already using Linux . The reason? Because Linux has become the most used operating system in the server and not by accident. Let’s look at its […]

Seven reasons why Linux dominates the server world

compress command 1
The full form of tar is tape archive. Tar is the primary archiving utility in Linux / Unix. Using the tar command we can compress high number of files and folders to form a archive file. Archived tar file is commonly called us tar ball. Tar archived file will ends in three formats filename.tar, and filename.tar.bz2. The tar […]

Tar’s ten very useful command in linux

(A) File Handling • mkdir – make directories Usage: mkdir [OPTION] DIRECTORY… eg. mkdir improgrammer • ls – list directory contents Usage: ls [OPTION]… [FILE]… eg. ls, ls l, ls improgrammer • cd – changes directories Usage: cd [DIRECTORY] eg. cd improgrammer • pwd print name of current working directory Usage: pwd • vim – Vi Improved, a programmers text […]

Linux Basic Commands

Linux installs on USB sticks are nothing new, sure. But Tails is an operating system optimized for anonymity—and it’s used by the likes of Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald to keep their digital lives as secure as possible. In its developers’ words: Tails is a live system that aims to preserve your privacy and anonymity. It helps you […]

The Super-Secure USB Drive OS