Seven reasons why Linux dominates the server world

  Today Linux is present in a myriad of devices around us, from smartphones to game consoles, but is even closer than we think.


So do not use any of these devices, by simply opening a web page we are already using Linux . The reason? Because Linux has become the most used operating system in the server and not by accident. Let’s look at its main advantages.


No one doubts the stability of a Linux system, especially when it is well known that a typical installation can run for years without failure . Linux handles large amounts of much better than Windows processes and requires restart before configuration changes or after system updates. Windows degrades over time and from time to time require user intervention to defragment your hard disk, clean up registry or applying any other gadget that allows restore some flexibility to the system. In Linux, with a good file system (as Ext4 or XFS) you never hear the word defrag.


No system is immune to the attacks, but the speed of response to a fault and the amount of people who can audit it definitely makes a difference. Microsoft reacts more slowly to security holes in Windows and this leaves their systems vulnerable for longer. The Linux community responds much faster to these events and thanks to that source code is available, anyone with the knowledge can correct this and make it available to users immediately. It is worth to say that Linux is much less frequently attacked by virus andmalware .

Management applications

Linux distributions use the official repositories for their applications, applying quality control and security policies that ensure the integrity and health of installed packages. And not just about security and integrity is also an issue of usability because everything we need is in one place .


A Linux installation can be adjusted as necessary . It is common not to install GUI to avoid wasting RAM, choose optimal system files according to the needs of the service or build an application if we adapt to fit our system. Linux can be reconfigured to include only essential services for the type of business and optimize the use of resources.


Linux is the undisputed king in implementation costs and can hardly be overthrown. Even with corporate support enterprise versions are cheaper than Windows or other software owner. This is because most of the software used in Linux is free while the owner is tied to expensive licensing schemes or sales of additional plugins to add new functionality.


Linux is and has always been a community , this makes developers are always hearing you say and your users need. This joint effort allows most of the distributions can post updates every 6 months, things happens much less often on the side of Windows.


Perhaps the most philosophical of all the advantages, but is that Linux does not have behind you no limiting yourself company using the system or enclose dimly legal clauses. With Linux are free to use, modify and combine what you want to meet your needs .

Among the most used server distributions are Debian, Slackware, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.Unsure about what? Operating system to use for your server? Try it and tell us how you do, you certainly will not regret it.


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