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Microsoft Windows 10 uploads a lot of your information to their servers sometimes without asking you to opt-in. Follow  the guide below to retain/restore your privacy. During Installation 1. Use Customize Settings instead of Express and do ensure to switch off EVERYTHING in settings as shown below. 1. Head to Settings > Privacy, and disable everything, […]

Microsoft Windows 10: Restore your privacy (tutorial)

Microsoft has just launched Skype web version which is still in beta phase.however, Skype is one of the most recognizable communication services in the world. Linux users can of course use the native Skype program for the full experience, but having some functionality on the web is appreciated too. If you only want to use instant […]

Microsoft Skype for web can be run on Chromebook and ...

Microsoft is releasing a set of patches for all of its currently supported versions of Internet Explorer. The security updates follow the discovery of a vulnerability that could allow hackers to gain full user permissions over a PC, allowing them to install programs, view and delete data, and much more simply by visiting a malicious website. The […]

Microsoft fixes Windows XP browser security flaw despite end of ...

Microsoft Skype
Skype has announced this week that video conferencing for up to 10 peoples  will be available to everyone for free. Whether you’re wanting to chat away with friends about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or collaborating with employees, it’s now easier (and cheaper) to get started with Microsoft’s communication platform. The company has removed the […]

Video Conference on Skype goes free on Windows , Xbox ...

How to Insert Picture or Screenshot in Ms Word Sometimes we have to insert picture or video in Ms Word but most of the people just copy the picture from other place and paste into word file. This is actually not a correct way to insert the picture. Now I am going tell you the right procedure to insert the picture or video in Ms Word. […]

How to Insert Picture or Screenshot in Ms Word

Microsoft marks global launch of Skype for The outlook is bright for video and email integration   Microsoft has integrated Skype into its email service, allowing users to engage in video, voice and text chat straight from their inboxes. The service was previously available as a preview in select markets, but is now available globally, […]

Microsoft marks global launch of Skype for

Microsoft offers 100GB of free OneDrive storage with Bing Rewards A year’s free cloud storage up for grabs   Microsoft is offering one year’s free access to 100GB of OneDrive storage to members of its Bing Rewards program. The free storage, valued at $50 (£30, AU$56) can be obtained by spending 100 credits in Bing […]

Microsoft offers 100GB of free OneDrive storage with Bing Rewards