Google Camera 2.1
The standalone Google Camera app has recently been updated to allow users to take photos while recording video, just in case you didn’t read the title!  However, lets breakdown what you can do with the app. Features • Photo Sphere for immersive 360º views • Lens Blur for SLR-like photos with shallow depth of field […]

Take photos while recording video by Google Camera 2.1

  Today Linux is present in a myriad of devices around us, from smartphones to game consoles, but is even closer than we think. So do not use any of these devices, by simply opening a web page we are already using Linux . The reason? Because Linux has become the most used operating system in the server and not by accident. Let’s look at its […]

Seven reasons why Linux dominates the server world

Android kitkat 4.4.3
Google is definitely cooking up the Android KitKat 4.4.3 update, but as of yet the company has refused to drop any official release date for the update.   According to reports, the third update will feature mostly bug fixes such as internet connection problems, VPN connectivity issues, camera focus, random reboots, missed call LED problems […]

Android 4.4.3 KitKat Update Release Date Rumors: No New Major ...

The MXC cable will be capable of transmitting data at 800Gbps in each direction.Zebrasquares Following more than a decade of research, Intel has announced a new breed of fibre-optic cable capable of transferring data at speeds of up to 800 gigabits-per-second (Gbps). The new networking technology will be rolled out in the second half of […]

Highest Data Transfer 800Gbps Cable by Intel

Sony has developed technology for a tape cartridge capable of storing up to 185 terabytes of data, almost 4,000 times more storage than a Blu-ray disc. The magnetic tape material is able to store data at around 74 times the density of standard tape used today, holding two gigabits per square inch. Although eclipsed as […]

Sony: Magnetic Tape Technology Developed for 185 TB Cartridge

If you have an aged Linux system, chances are that you have a lot of disk space wasted due to things like application-specific caches (e.g., browser caches), system caches (e.g., apt cache), unnecessary locale files or other temporary files. With so many different ways files are generated, it is hard to track down the wasted […]

How to clean up disk space on Linux

compress command 1
The full form of tar is tape archive. Tar is the primary archiving utility in Linux / Unix. Using the tar command we can compress high number of files and folders to form a archive file. Archived tar file is commonly called us tar ball. Tar archived file will ends in three formats filename.tar, and filename.tar.bz2. The tar […]

Tar’s ten very useful command in linux

(A) File Handling • mkdir – make directories Usage: mkdir [OPTION] DIRECTORY… eg. mkdir improgrammer • ls – list directory contents Usage: ls [OPTION]… [FILE]… eg. ls, ls l, ls improgrammer • cd – changes directories Usage: cd [DIRECTORY] eg. cd improgrammer • pwd print name of current working directory Usage: pwd • vim – Vi Improved, a programmers text […]

Linux Basic Commands

Google has made another move to build out its e-commerce business, and specifically its retail portal Google Shopping. It has acquired Rangespan, a London-based provider of back office services for online retailers, using data science to help them expand their product selection based on real-time sales dynamics. The company is based out of London, making this the […]

Google Buys Rangespan To Add Big Data-Based Inventory Management To ...

Microsoft is releasing a set of patches for all of its currently supported versions of Internet Explorer. The security updates follow the discovery of a vulnerability that could allow hackers to gain full user permissions over a PC, allowing them to install programs, view and delete data, and much more simply by visiting a malicious website. The […]

Microsoft fixes Windows XP browser security flaw despite end of ...