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Sony SDX2-50C AIT-2 50-130GB Backup Media Tape


Sony SDX2-50C AIT-2 50-130GB Backup Media Tape


  • High storage capacity up to 130GB compressed
  • 6MB/sec sustained native transfer rate
  • Proven reliability and durability
  • 30 year media life
  • Quick access

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Sony SDX2-50C AIT-2 50-130GB Backup Media Tape Product Description

Sony AIT-2 (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format is intelligently engineered to stand apart – no other tape cartridge features both an MIC chip (the brains) and a pure metal magnetic layer designed for maximum capacity and longevity (the brawn).

The AIT cartridges feature a built-in flash memory chip that stores directory and operational information. The result is rapid access to desired data and greatly reduced loading and ejection times. Compressed data capacities can be over 100GB.

The tape surface is protected by a smooth carbon coating that is nearly as hard as diamond and 20 times harder than metal oxides. The benefit is maximum reliability and life.

AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) Tape- Now Sony delivers 100% pure cobalt for high retentivity. Patented process for depositing a pure metal magnetic layer directly on the basefilm without adhesive or binders. The benefit from this AME technology is maximum recording performance.

A high-energy electron gun vaporizes pure metal material which is deposited directly on the base film. No adhesive or binders are needed to hold the magnetic layer. Deposition of magnetic material is controlled to produce a diagonal columnar structure at an angle that maximises the output.


  • High storage capacity of up to 130GB compressed data (50GB native)
  • 6MB/sec sustained native transfer rate using Helical Scan technology
  • Proven reliability and durability with a 30 year media life thanks to AME technology (Advanced Metal Evaporated)
  • Quick access provided by AIT’s unique Memory-In-Cassette (MIC) incorporated into the cartridge
  • Available in Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) format to protect valuable data against accidental erasure and prevent alteration of archived data files
  • Cleaning Tape: SDX1-CL



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