Awesome New Tech Products to Buy in 2014


1 – LG Lifeband Touch

Another performance wristband, but this one actually delivers. The LG Lifeband features a touch-screen and live updates as you exercise. It has an automatic smartphone connection, but it is not needed for the instant results.


2 – Pebble Steel Smartwatch

A sleek design almost hides the digital screen that lies before you. Scroll past the time tosee live Google maps, read social media feeds, or watch itty bitty YouTube videos.


3 – Amazon Fire TV

First shopping, then reading, and now the TV. Is the Amazon Fridge next?! Amazon Fire TV is no joke, though. Along with all the streaming television services, the set-top device features digital gaming and an optional controller for purchase.


4 – Nomad Brush Flex

Paint on a tablet with the accuracy that you crave. Every fiber on the Nomad Brush Flex is filled with sensors that every stroke is evenly supplied. Paint a masterpiece without getting paint anywhere.


5 – Kolibree Toothbrush

Avoid cavities and extra trips to the dentist office by connecting the Kolibree toothbrush to your smartphone. Get graded for brushing techniques and learn better ways to keep your mouth clean.


6 – Echo Smartpen

Write, record, and connect with a pen that can still spit out real ink. Keep track of grocery lists, school notes, and detailed drawings using this innovative digital creation. Just don’t leave it in your pocket and let it go through the wash.


7 – Roku Streaming Stick

Turn an open HDMI port into a TV paradise. The Roku streaming stick takes no room on your entertainment center and only costs $50.


8 – Panono Digital Camera

Capture amazing views with the Panono Digital camera. Featuring more than 20 different cameras, simply toss the ball up and let the technology to the rest.


9 – PS Vita TV

Not only can you play Vita games in full HD, but you can stream PS4 games for multiple players and connect to streaming services like Hulu. All of this plus a controller for only $99.


10 – Polaroid Socialmatic

A retro device for the digital age. The Polaroid Socialmatic uses ink-free technology to print out small pictures. Connect to Instagram and other photo apps to share photos digitally too.


11 – Vizio 120 Inch Television

A 12 inch television was a big deal when you first got a TV as a screen. A 120 inch screen is a little bit of overkill, but it must be amazing to watch sports, movies, and all the Blu-Rays you can get your hands on.


12 – Bluetooth Fighting Mini Robots

This one is just for pure and violent fun. The Bluetooth Fighting Mini Robots connect via an app. The robots can be wirelessly controlled and use digital lasers to shoot at the other robots. One step closer to Real Steel.


13 – Valve Steam Machine

Play some of the greatest computer games of all time with the Valve Steam Machine. Basically a PC designed like a console, the gaming device will boast better graphics and specs than both the PS4 and the Xbox One.


14 – RunPhones

Nothing worse than getting tangled in a cord or having earbuds that just don’t stay in. The RunPhones headband stays on your head, absorbs sweat, comes in multiple colors, and the earbuds can be removed so that you can wash the band later.


15 – Intel Edison Computer

Finally. A computer that can fit into the palm of your hand. It’s too bad Intel doesn’t know what to do with it yet. This is where your tech knowledge comes in. If you can implement a useful product for the computer then you could win up to $500,000.


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